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Frequently Asked Questions

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Category 13

  • The discussion room is not moderated, which means that new posts will appear without staff review.
  • The forum moderator and website staff reserve the right to edit or remove any posts for reasons including factual errors, commercial solicitation, partisan advocacy, or abusive behavior.
  • We will not send you email unless you opt to receive it, and we will not share your email address with anyone else. We will report in aggregate on the number of users, their locations, and type of work.
  • We don't allow anonymous posts

These are private forums for anyone in the ESF-FORUM community, broadly defined. Anyone may create an account and participate, but we reserve the right to disable the account of anyone in violation of the community rules.

  • Each forum or discussion room will have a broad area of focus.
  • Each topic within a forum is called a “thread” or a "post."
  • If you subscribe to a post, you will receive an email message whenever someone makes a comment on the post.
  • If you create a new post, you will automatically be subscribed to it, and will receive an email message whenever someone adds a comment.

Category 22

  • We ask for basic information about you and your connection to the ESF-FORUM so community participants can get to know each other over time.
  • Your profile information will be visible to other people who have logged into this website.
  • Do participate and share your knowledge and experience.
  • Do ask questions.
  • Do look to see if your topic or question is already covered before starting a new thread.
  • Do be respectful of other members with different opinions.
  • Do use the discussion room to promote topic-related educational events, research and resources.
  • Don't use the discussion room for fundraising, political advocacy, or commercial promotion.
  • Don't use the discussion room to seek funding or a job.